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The Illegal Alchemist Mage

Youkai Academy
Part N:


Name: Hokori, Sagishi (Last, First)
Nickname: "Trix" (Commonly used, since most can't pronounce his name)
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Race: Mage

Appearance: Sagishi is around the average male height for his age, a bit thinner than those standards, and pale. He has smooth black hair that he wears in messy spikes, and red eyes that glow brightly, flicking with tiny blue streams of light every few moments. His ears are pointy like an elf's, though no one seems to have a real reason why. His expression when neutral in emotion looks agitated or unhappy, though most often this is not the case. He smiles quite a bit, if you count devilish smirks and grins. His veins glow faintly blueish-purple, but this is only visible in low lighting or darkness. He is known to carry, read or wear many unusual objects, often categorized as "Occult". This includes the Human Skull that dangles at his left hip, with the eye holes releasing smoke. Sagishi's clothing is, for the most part, trenchcoats, boots and gloves. No matter what he is wearing, it is sure to catch some glances.

Personality: Sagishi is surprisingly a very kind person to others... Excluding his love of pranks, anyway. Most of his responses are sarcastic or snarky, and he seems to take few things seriously. He doesn't mind helping others, he even enjoys it sometimes, though he would prefer if there was some payoff for him as well. Sagishi has shown a temper before, and it seems as though there are specific triggers to his anger. Otherwise, he acts in a laid back, carefree nature. He is a deep-thinker, and often takes comments to heart, though he almost never shows those emotions, by either looking passive or hiding them with a smirk. He's a handful to his superiors, and frequently a bother to others, though he enjoys the company of others. He likes to share stories about himself, or the objects he carries, whenever asked. However, there are a few that he keeps secret, for his own reasons. He seems to have grown an attachment to some of them as well. Sagishi takes much pride in his accomplishments, abilities, and comments.

History: Born somewhere in the United Kingdom to an American couple, Sagishi lived through childhood among Humans, unbeknownst to him that he was not one of them. His mother took care of him almost entirely, and his father was abusive to him when she wasn't around. Whenever she had asked about the bruises or cuts, he tried to tell her that her husband was the culprit, but she had put herself into a state of denial and refused to believe this explanation. After years of beatings, a "relatively" average school life (A few years in, the pranks had started up) and the betrayal of his own mother, Sagishi had finally had enough of his father. He had been studying alchemy prior, and was drawing Alchemic Symbols in his free time. He set up a collection of symbols to, in his nine-year-old mind, turn his father's hands into something "less painful to be hit by", like a pillow. However, when he had finally faced his father, some miscalculated and incorrectly written symbols caused him to instead melt the entire man's body into ash within seconds. Horrified, Sagishi panicked. He picked up the only object of his father that remained, rushed into the attic of his house, and hid with it in one of the boxes that was storing family photos and memorials. He bawled and rocked himself inside the box for a few hours, when his mother came home and found him almost immediately. She acted quickly, packing some bags and leaving with her son, leaving their home in smoldering ashes, so that the evidence would no longer remain. She took him to a deserted village where they resided for years, and she revealed to him the truth. She was a mage, and that made him a mage as well. She had thought his mage blood to be dormant, and only wanted him to live a carefree normal life. She also explained that what he used on his father was an illegal type of magic involving the conversion of one material to another, commonly referred to as Alchemy. She begins to teach him more about magic, at the same time training him to live independently. Despite his mother's warnings, he manages to sneak one of the magic books from her without her knowing it. He studies magic under her, while practicing the illegal magic at night. She later finds out, and accepts it with a saddened smile. At the age of 10 and a half, she lets him continue life on his own. He goes on many adventures, learns to provide for himself, and performs some amazing things with his abilities. Years pass, and at 15 he is shocked to see his mother return. She explains to him that a cult of mages are seeking him out for his use of illegal magic, and demands that he applies for the next year at Youkai Academy, where he'll be safe. He reluctantly accepts, and once the year passes by, he gathers his things and prepares to enter the alternate world where the academy exists.

Weakness: A very fatal weakness, that will be revealed later on.

Other: Alchemy is real! Not like it will be here, nor like it is shown in Fullmetal Alchemist, but it exists!

Code: Philosopher's Strawberry!

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