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1. What talents do you have and kept to this day?
I guess I have talents for both playing the piano and composing it, people tell me (I've posted a couple compositions with a bit of positive feedback, haha) - apparently I have a good singing voice as well, but I don't see it; the way I see it is that I sing in a punk band so it doesn't matter whether your voice is good or **** it'll still sound good for the genre. I guess I've also kinda picked up the drums and the guitar a bit, as well, but I doubt that counts as a talent. I'm also an okaaayish songwriter; I'm not amazing though, and usually talent for that comes through experience rather than nature.
Natural talent-wise (more on the gifted side), I have perfect pitch. As in, play me a note on the piano and I could 9 times out of 10 tell you what note it is or, if it's a chord, what key it's in. Though sometimes it's really difficult. -.-

2. What talents do you use to have in the past?
I never really lost any talents I don't think because I still use and cherish the few that I have.

3. What talents do you wish you've had?
I wish I could pick out bodily signals and social cues better, even though that's not really a talent. I'm not as bad as I was, but all my mates have a knack for it and get with so many girls because of it and I usually just get left behind.
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