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America seems fairly middle-of-the-pack if you consider just violence and freedoms. Violence will probably only get out of hand if our economy falls, and peoples freedoms are constantly under threat with our horrible, influenced-by-money government that doesn't care for their constituents. But we're nothing like North Korea or Russia, for example.

What America really fails at is enviromental safety. The effects of our massive pollution are gross. I don't even live near a polluted water source and my water is toxic. People who live near property where fracking happens have tap water that is flammable. We have tons of animal populations in rapid decline. We have businesses dumping waste into water sources and the surrounding neighborhoods breathe in the fumes and have ridiculous cancer rates- these areas are literally becoming devoid of life, and the people are silenced.

Every year, the east coast is ravaged by hurricanes and destructive tornadoes seem to keep popping up around the midwest. Who knows how the climate change will affect either of those things? If they get worse or more frequent, we're really not in a safe country are we? Can our economy afford more disaster relief?
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