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Quote originally posted by Zero°:
Ehh, I'm just gonna stop using that style for now lol. (Late thanks for the CnC Dero) I'm going to revive this gallery again and start posting more tags. They'll probably vary a lot in style/quality because I'll be experimenting different kinds of styles, looks, etc. just to be more knowledgeable in these different styles.

2 versions because I couldn't decide on the lighting. I really enjoyed making this tag, it's the first tag I've made in a while so I was surprised it turned out well after a 3-4 month hiatus from Photoshop. CnC is most appreciated, and like I said, the next time will most likely be different from this one since I'll be doing different styles.

edit: just made another one similar in style to the one above, but I still like the first one over this one
Man your work is amazing, probably the best I've ever seen. But on the first 2 tags I feel like the bottom right corner is just a bit plain considering the rest of the space on the tag is filled. Hope I can get as good as you one day
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