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So, did you like the feature of roaming Pokémon?
Absolutely not. Catching roamers always seemed like such a chore to me. It was more annoying than fun, so I never bothered except with Latias/Latios in SoulSilver because I really like the Eon pokémon. With the others, if I find it, I'll either throw any ball I have and hope for the best or just attack it.

Do you want it brought back in Gen VI?
I'm indifferent about it. If it's back, cool for the people who like. Unless the roamers are really cool, I won't bother trying to catch them.

What would you change about them? Would you perhaps make it so paralysis and sleep would make them stay in the battle until they wake up?
That's most likely what I would do. I don't understand how a paralyzed/sleeping pokémon can flee from a fight. If I could paralyze them or put them to sleep it wouldn't be as bad. I really don't feel like going out and catching a pokémon that can trap one in a fight, so if I could use moves I already have I would enjoy it a lot more.

What was your favorite method of capturing them?
Throw a ball and hope for the best?

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