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I am totally signing up for this: I have frequent questions as a total n00b that some more pro players may be able to help me with

Username: Using my PC account name here, cause I don't play online: CliCliW
Favorite Mob: Endermen (tho they're pretty creepy, they fascinate me!)
Favorite Item: Diamond pickaxe
Favorite Block:I'm going to be totally shallow and say Diamond Ore blocks: I love the thrill of actually finding them

What is your favorite gamemode?

Survival, but I often play on peaceful mode, cause I can't take wandering into caves and being assaulted (I could say a different word, but PC may not take kindly to it) by zombies. Their growling scares me.

How cool do you think Minecraft is? AWESOME!!!!!!! I love new seeds!

Did or do you have a Minecraft Premium Account?
Errrrrmmmmmm I'd prefer not to answer that one.... *cough* no *cough*

OK, I'll admit, I was dying to play MC but couldn't login. I didn't realise I could just play offline but I asked a college buddy who had a friend whose Minecraft account was distributed a lot He gave me the account details and I got to play - woohoo