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Quote originally posted by RMzKingify:
Just letting you know that the game CANNOT be downloaded anymore. Link isnt working
It still works for me :/
I updated the link when someone posted the filecloud link was broken.
If you have having trouble then please click here to download the demo.

I'm working on Pallet Town again today, for the first time in too long.. I've textured part of the outside of Ash's house the same way it looks in the anime (WYSIWYG), and it has come out looking pretty nice.. The front decking has floorboards now and everything depicted in the anime is incredibly fitting into the 32x32 grid pattern to scale. I have done gfx for the decking-fence and now I just have a few more things to gfx before I start on the inside (which I have already kinda started gfx-ing)

I'd also like to welcome a very skilled individual to the team, Rm2k3kid, who is going to test for us, so the actual releases on here will be a lot higher quality.. Rm2k3kid is a long-time peer whom I've had the honor of collaborating with and competing against.. He has provided many resources for the public and been a great source of inspiration and knowledge for many
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