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Adrian -- At the Rocket Base
Part 1: Escape

Adrian was always a light sleeper, mostly because of the pain he was always in, but he felt an extreme absence of something when he woke up. First off, he did notice that his cellmate had made a miraculous escape, and apparently broke down the door by some supernatural means.

Either way, she had the courtesy to wake him up, if this wasn't some supremely strange dream. And she had paved the way for him to escape as well.

Adrian racked his mind until he figured out what was missing, other than his Pokemon, and then he realized the one supreme fact that was letting him think so clearly: he wasn't in pain. Better yet, there wasn't any pain at all afflicting him.

Just to be sure he wasn't numbed, he pinched his arm and felt a small sting -- nothing compared to what he was used to. He flexed his arms, and moved his legs, and found that he was in no way impeded in his actions.

He sat there in silence, with the facts finally registering in his mind. This wasn't a dream. Not only had he been granted freedom by some otherworldly method, but he was no longer in pain. He was no longer a cripple. It took even longer for the shock to register and pass, from the realization that he, for the first time in his life, was finally strong.

He got up, and picked up the metal cane that the Dragonite had thrown to the other end of the cell. It was extremely light -- or so it appeared. He examined the cell once again, and passed the whole thing off as merely inexplicable, just like his present condition... He honestly didn't know whether he was simply well for the first time in ages, or if he was bursting with power.

He moved out of the cell, and he was almost giddy. He was never able to move with such grace or power before. He examined the hallway, and to his surprise, it was empty for the moment. He simply followed a path that he thought was the right way towards his Pokemon.

Even if he did benefit from what Team Rocket did to him, there was the fact that he got thrown in a cell and put through a measure of pain before this. It simply wouldn't do to let Team Rocket walk away scot-free, having hurt his honor this badly.

He strode down the hall, feeling strangely like a conqueror. He encountered no obstacles, and eventually came on a fork in the hall. He decided to turn left, and met opposition in the form of a grunt standing in the way. The didn't have any Pokemon, and he stood in his way anyway. Behind him was a Pokeball that sat by itself. The grunt made for it, but Adrian threw his cane well. It hit him square on the head, knocking him out. He got to the Pokeball, and opened it -- to reveal a very angry Salamence. This is just getting better and better.

He was about to begin thrashing about the place, but he noticed the helpless grunt and Adrian's piercing blue eyes staring straight into his soul.

"Who are you?" The massive dragon tried to stare the young human down -- and failed miserably. "And what's with the eyes?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out myself. At least I'm not a cripple anymore. You seem to be just as angry as I am. Care to cave some faces in before he bust out of this joint?" Adrian's stare was incredibly intense, and his blue eyes shown like two orbs of fire.

"And how do you understand me? Is this some sort of trick?" The Salamence hesitated. He evidently didn't want to smash something that could be useful in making an escape.

"I've been able to understand Pokemon for a long time now. As for tricks, we can pull some on them. I also need to get my own Pokemon back. They need to answer for their transgressions." Adrian smiled, but it was one without mirth -- it was a deadly sort of expression, and it was only meant to tell the dragon that he meant business.

"Right, that they do. When do we get started?" The Salamence drew himself to his full height.

"Right now ought to work. What's your name, by the way?" Adrian's gaze was riveted onto the dragon's eyes, and they didn't break the stare as they talked.

"Never got a name from those thugs who managed to jump me in my sleep. However, my friends called me... Bruce!" The Salamence was proud of his name, and conveyed that pride by whacking his massive tail on the ground as he said it.

Adrian then narrowed his expression. "Bruce? Nice name. So, you want to be completely free?"

"More than anything." The Salamence glared at his Pokeball.

Adrian took it, and then broke it by hammering away at it repeatedly with his cane. "Now, they're bound to have heard that. Where do they normally take Pokemon that they steal?"

The Salamence merely burst out the door and made his way down the hall. Adrian naturally trailed close behind him. He was without Pokemon, but he knew the Salamence would appreciate his brains and his size in getting around this place. Now we can show those people who's boss around here.


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