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Quote originally posted by 666sweatshirt:

All I have left to catch is Volcrana and I know it's located in the ancient cave south of brightlight city, but what am I supposed to do with the Braille markings on the wall?
Please use dig there to open the cave.

Quote originally posted by anhlong1122:
I went to Challange bridge ( forgot to get all the emblem) and can't fly back
Sorry, but in fact, I did this on purpose, you may need to go back by getting through Sky Tunnel again.

Quote originally posted by shiningscorpion9:
I'm not sure if this is for everyone else but whenever i start a new game and play until i can finally access the PC i find a bad egg in box 3 as seen here.. anyone can help?
Maybe, this problem is caused by the script flag 0x6000, so the bad egg might be found in the PC, simply don't move it, please.

Quote originally posted by Lonerman1235:
Where is zubat/golbat/crobat or nidoran/nidorino/nidoking early in the game? and this is defanitally one of the best hacks i've ever played.
Zubat can be found in Canyon Passage on Light Path, you can catch one once you got Pokeballs, but Nidoran can be found in Jade Pass, where you can only arrive after you earned 4 badges, it's not early enough, I think. And, I'm glad to see you like this hack.
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