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Okay, Straight to it. I need a question answered.
& I need somebody to check my Pokemon for hacks. Not many just 2 or 3.

Question is; If a Pokemon is bred from a hacked Pokemon. Is the hatchling hacked also?

And i have tried to trade my Lapras to the GTS to use Pokecheck. So i can see if its hacked. (which it is not because i caught it in game. (HGSS)
But still. But it won't let me upload the Pokemon. Is this because of Nintendo's sensor?

As in you cannot trade a Pokemon to the GTS with swear words in the name.
Example; You cannot trade Weedle because it contains the word "weed" in its name.

Is this my problem? If so how can i check if my Pokemon are hacked?
If i can figure this out on my own, I won't need somebody to check for me.

Thanks guys your help will be appreciated.