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Definitely May. I thought the way her outlook on Pokémon changed when she met Ash was awesome. Not to mention the motherly role she played when she took care of Max. I think May is the character that matured the most throughout her time with Ash. Her and Ash made a great team AdvanceShipping FTW and helped each other to become better in their respective competitions.

Misty was awesome too, but she was already matured to the point where there wasn't a whole lot of growing up for her to do. She's a close second, but didn't have the growth that May did throughout her journey.

Dawn was alright. She seemed kind of static to me and wasn't very funny or interesting. Also the "No need to worry", followed by some mistake got old pretty quickly as well. I didn't watch a whole lot of D/P so it's hard to judge.

I wanted to throw Iris off of a bridge after she said "You're such a kid!" for the 10th episode in a row. I heard she stopped saying that all the time, so maybe I'll go back and watch some more of B/W. Maybe.

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