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My summer classes are finally over so I can actually play again! ^__^ This week I have tried to make up all of the training time I have missed over the last few weeks.

I have trained and evolved too many Pokemon to go into detail but here is a list of latest trainees:

Magby (Still need to evolve it into Magmotor)

I also traded with Curtis twice and got a Raltz and a Cranidos. I will train them later after I complete my Unova Dex. Right now I am also breeding some Eevees so I can train and evolve them since they are part of the Unova Dex. I am slowly getting there. I need to finish both my Unova and National Dex before X and Y come out... Challenge accepted!

BW2 Unova Dex

Seen: 297
Obtained: 257
I am back
-for now-
until reality takes me away

Pokemon Go Dex: 57
Alpha Sapphire Dex: 68
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