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Update #7, the final one! Yeah, challenge complete! ^-^ Elite Four and Champion battle recaps (tl;dr-type) inside the spoiler tags.
  • I challenged Marshal first, for no particular reason. It started off with Squirtle against Throh. My strategy was to bolster my Defense using Iron Defense, while wearing him down with Rocky Helmet, Toxic and Surf. But... Storm Throw caught me off guard (always critical hit), as it bypasses the Defense boost. So, I just switched off for Shuckle, who can play that role without Iron Defense. Shuckle prevailed in the end, and Conkeldurr was next. This guy hit even Shuckle hard, thanks to Bulk Up and Power Split already used on Throh (so it isn't as effective now, as Shuckle's Attack is higher than normal). Still, with a combination of Toxic, Rocky Helmet, and healing items, we endured. Sawk was next, and I don't really remember what happened. I know he used Rock Slide a lot, though. That's probably it. Mienshao was his last, and his Hi Jump Kick was destructive! I might've lost Shuckle here, but Shaymin came in with a Psychic to KO it. And with that, Marshal is defeated!

  • I decided to go with Shauntal next. She was constantly the toughest for me, so I thought it best to get this over with quickly. I knew she would start with Cohagrigus, so I led with Archen. Immediately, a critical Acrobatics OHKO'd it before it could do anything. Also, bonus! Archen's Defeatist ability was overridden by Mummy! ^-^ Drifblim came out next, and met with an Ancient Power which took out almost half its HP. Unfortunately, it retaliated with a Thunderbolt, which put Archen into the low yellows. I didn't think Ancient Power would finish it, so I switch out. Aww, so much for my cunning plan to get rid of Defeatist. D: I brought Shaymin out to resist Thunderbolt and to take advantage of Drifblim's huge HP with Leech Seed. Acrobatics almost took Shaymin down to half, so I decided to switch yet again, this time for Shuckle. His defenses plus Struggle Bug plus the massive healing from Leech Seed means impenetrable wall! Even with a stat drop from Shadow Ball. She also wasted a Full Restore, yay! It went down by seeding and bad poisoning, I believe. Golurk was next; it used Earthquake as I weakened it with Power Split. Then I switched off for Shaymin, who KO'd it with Giga Drain. And finally, the evil one, Chandelure. I switched for Tepig to resist Fire Blast. Unfortunately, Shadow Ball took him out. >_< Stupid play on my part. Squirtle came out next and was immediately KO'd by Energy Ball. So, I tried Archen (I think I must've healed him while stalling Drifblim). A critical Ancient Power one-shotted it! Lucky! And so, two of the Elite Four are down. Just two to go!

  • Grimsley was next, just because I decided to go clockwise by now. It was Mienfoo versus Liepard in the first round. And it started with Fake Out. But wait! Mienfoo has Inner Focus! :D The one time I'm glad to have Inner Focus over Regenerator. Drain Punch (or maybe it was Hi Jump Kick) was a OHKO. I think Bisharp was next. A single Drain Punch did it in. Krookodile and its pesky Intimidate was third. I think it was faster, but Mienfoo fortunately survived Earthquake to retaliate with Hi Jump Kick. I don't think it was enough, but he used Full Restore, which let Drain Punch heal more. Hmm, I'm kinda fuzzy about what exactly happened here, but Mienfoo also won this battle. Scrafty was his last, and I didn't think Mienfoo could last too much longer, so I switched out for Shuckle. Shuckle did his usual thing and ended the battle with our third win.

  • Finally, Caitlin rounds out the Elite Four. I expected Reuniclus first, but I don't know who I started with. Anyways, her first was Musharna. This battle had me smiling (wow, my battle with Caitlin using my musharna in the Valentine's challenge also made me smile - coincidence?) because I got to exploit things. Musharna would constantly use Yawn; seems like she was predicting me to switch, as she got me with that the first time. Shaymin got off a Leech Seed, then fell asleep. I switched out, using Natural Cure to awaken it, making Dream Eater useless. As she kept spamming Yawn in the following turns, I switched out through my entire team to heal any unhealed damage taken from previous battles. I thank its high HP! It eventually went down, and Sigilyph replaced it. Based on previous experiences with sigilyph in this run, I was a bit worried. But I have Shuckle with me this time! So I weakened it using Power Split and several Struggle Bugs. I then switched out for Tepig to get a speed boost from Flame Charge going while knocking out her sigilyph with Wild Charge. Reuniclus was next, and I made a wrong move. Flare Blitz brought it down to half HP, but the recoil damage allowed Tepig to be KO'd, I think. Archen finished the job with Acrobatics, though. That left just Gothitelle. It got off a Calm Mind and Thunderbolt to knock out Archen, but only after having taken some heavy damage. I called Mienfoo in to wrap up, since she was really close to gaining a level. And with that, the Elite Four have been defeated!

  • Ah, Iris. I was worried about this one, seeing as my main team in my very first go-through of White 2 struggled against her. This time, although I have prior knowledge, I'm using a bunch of unevolved pokémon! Anyways, the battle. Immediately, Hydreigon defeats Squirtle with a crit Dragon Pulse. Bad start! D: Shuckle comes out next and uses Power Split after taking a Surf. This is followed by repeated Surfs and Struggle Bugs (and healing item usage) until Surf eventually does 10 damage per hit. Oh, and there's a Toxic somewhere in there too. Hydreigon succumbs to poison and super-effective, powered-up Struggle Bugs, so she sends Lapras out next to continue the Surf spam. Same-ish thing here, with Toxic and Struggle Bug (and some Stone Edges for good measure), so that Lapras is eventually defeated. Druddigon is third, and Shuckle gets off an attack (either Toxic or Stone Edge, I think) before being sent back by Dragon Tail (Rocky Helmet damage too). Mienfoo is brought out, who finished off Druddigon with Hi Jump Kick and Drain Punch (after surviving Flamethrower). Aggron is almost OHKO'd by Drain Punch, which allowed Mienfoo to survive Double-Edge. Another Drain Punch finishes it, and Archeops comes out to replace it. Dragon Claw takes out Mienfoo, and Rock Slide does to same to Archen (aww, would've been great if Archen could do something here!). I decide to send out Shaymin, and Giga Drain fortunately brings it down to the yellow, activating Defeatist. Acrobatics does a bit less than half, so another Giga Drain ends it. And finally, Iris sends out her haxorus. Shaymin falls for the first time this run due to a crit X-Scissor, but only after it got off a Leech Seed against it. Shuckle comes out again and weakens it with Power Split as it Dragon Dances. Toxic joins Leech Seed in doing damage, as does Rocky Helmet. I think I got off a Stone Edge once, but Haxorus quickly faints. And there we have it. A new champion is crowned! (Too bad Tepig didn't get to participate in the final battle... D: This Pokémon League run actually went better than my first run, where my party had disappointing movesets with mostly four attack moves.)

The final team! I'm very happy with this party. Got to win with some of my favorites, including four NFEs. Also, Shuckle is amazing!

CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to loseVery finickyCapable of taking hits
AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural CureInner FocusSturdy
ItemEvioliteNoneRocky HelmetLeftoversShell BellRocky Helmet
MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsSurfEnergy BallDrain PunchToxic
Wild ChargeAncientPowerIce BeamLeech SeedHi Jump KickPower Split
Flare BlitzAqua TailIron DefenseReturnRock SlideStruggle Bug
Head SmashBulldozeToxicPsychicPaybackStone Edge

I'll see if I have time to come back and do another challenge in the future, before the thread gets closed for the next iteration. ^-^
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