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I often like Fakemon, as long as there's still plenty of the originals too. I mean, I'm playing a ROM hack - I'm looking for a fan's take on the franchise, and Fakemon are part of that. And who hasn't dreamed up some Fakemon at some point? I do lament that the Fakemon sprites often seem just a little off - they just look like a subtly different artistic style, and it can break my immersion.

...It's actually something I'm thinking about a fair bit, because I'm working on a ROM hack (my first!) that includes Fakemon as the central plot element. Like Mewtwo and Genesect, we've got an evil team creating new Pokemon to have stronger battlers. The whole hack falls apart without Fakemon, in this case.
I'm currently teaching myself about ROM hacking to make my first hack. It stars a lab aide whose professor was kidnapped to help make Mewtwo. The same team also wants the aide's Kabuto(ps) to upgrade into a Genesect. Dark Fakemon evolutions and hybrids will also play a central role to the villainous Team Helix. Currently I'm fairly confident with YAPE and AdvanceMap. In a few weeks I'm likely to start putting a team together. I suck at spriting, and I can't understand the scripting tutorials.
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