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I'll do the Elite Four later on because I need a pause. But today went very smoothly.

I taught my team some HMs and decided to explore Route 23, clearing out all the trainers in the process. It wasn't very difficult at all, mostly because I'm a bit overleveled. My rule of thumb in Pokémon is to be at least 5 levels higher than the trainers in the area, but in this Black 2 it seems that it makes the game easy, because there's not a large difference between the levels of the regular trainers and the bosses.

Then I crossed Victory Road, which took a while. Victory Road requires all HMs except Dive, as well as Flash, so I had to teach my team some stuff I didn't want them to have, like Cut to Juliet. I didn't have any trouble with a particular trainer in the Victory Road either, and the puzzles were sort of easy. Notable trainers include a pair of Veterans who have the exclusive birds (Braviary, Mandibuzz) and both fossils (Archeops, Carracosta). They're quite fun to beat, but the problem was that I wanted to level Faraday and pairing him with something suitable proved to be difficult due to his Discharge attack, which hits all three Pokémon in Doubles. I decided to lead with Faraday and Bones. Bones used Fly and Faraday used Discharge, damaging Braviary and Mandibuzz significantly. Bones killed Braviary in the second turn of Fly, while Mandibuzz was later killed by another Discharge. Faraday then killed both Archeops and Carracosta.

After clearing Victory Road, I went to delete all the HMs in my team and leveled Bones to L63 so she learned Brave Bird. And now the final team to fight the Elite Four is the following:

Sasaki the Samurott L62: Surf/Aqua Jet/Megahorn/Ice Beam
Faraday the Magnezone L61: Thunderbolt/Volt Switch/Flash Cannon/Thunder Wave
Kerbero the Arcanine L61: Flare Blitz/Outrage/Extremespeed/Crunch
Juliet the Roserade L61: Petal Dance/Shadow Ball/Leech Seed/Toxic
Achilles the Heracross L61: Megahorn/Close Combat/Rock Slide/Night Slash
Bones the Mandibuzz L63: Brave Bird/Foul Play/Bone Rush/Roost

Luckily they don't have any Electric Pokémon, since the only Ground-type move I have is Bone Rush on Bones, and chances are I won't send out Bones against an Electric-type Pokémon. I also have poor coverage against Fire Pokémon but the only significant one is Shauntal's Chandelure.


Elite Four time!

Shauntal was easy. Kerbero double Crunched Cohagrigus to victory. Golurk and Drifblim were killed by Bones, and Chandelure was OHKOed by Sasaki.

Grimsley nearly surprised me with his Liepard, who knows Aerial Ace. It did a number on Achilles, but didn't kill him, so Megahorn slaughtered Liepard. Grimsley got nervous and sent Bisharp, his ace, which I countered with Kerbero. Flare Blitz one-shotted him. Krookodile and Scrafty were killed by Juliet.

Caitlin opened with Musharna, and I killed her with Bones which took some hits. Unfortunately, Yawn made Bones fall asleep, incapacitating her. I switched to Faraday, who wrestled Reuniclus and defeated Sigilyph with ease. Finally, I sent Bones against Gothitelle. I decided to use Brave Bird instead of Foul Play, just to see how much it did (hint: not much) and she surprised me with Thunderbolt, which killed Bones despite her bulk. I finished her off with Kerbero.

Marshal was easier than I expected. I took down his Throh with Achilles' Close Combat. Against Mienshao, the obvious choice was Bones, who OHKOed him with Brave Bird. Then Marshal got serious and sent Conkeldurr. I let Bones stay. Bones used Brave Bird, significantly damaging Conkeldurr, while he countered with, to my surprise, Hammer Arm (doesn't he have Stone Edge or that's only in Black 1?). It did a lot of damage to Bones but didn't kill her, and the Rocky Helmet activated, damaging Conkeldurr a little. Another Brave Bird did the trick.

The final Pokémon in Marshal's team was Sawk. The first turn I used Roost and he again surprised me with Retaliate instead of a Rock move, which, due to Bones' Weak Armor and worn Defense, left her in the red once again, although there was the residual damage from Rocky Helmet. Switching wouldn't do any good, so I decided to go suicidal and use Brave Bird against him, which, due to Rocky Helmet damage, didn't activate Sturdy and killed Sawk. Bones died to recoil, but victory was ours.

Lastly... The little ***** Iris.

She opens with Hydreigon, and let me tell you, if you're unprepared and/or unlucky, it can take down one or more of your Pokémon quickly. I sent out Sasaki and trusted Ice Beam to do its job. Hydreigon was faster so his Dragon Pulse damaged Sasaki significantly, but Ice Beam was a critical hit! Hydreigon down, next in line was Lapras, which was disposed of by Faraday. Aggron came next, and was murdered by Achilles and his Close Combat. Archeops was taken down by Faraday.

Iris then said she had enough and decided to send her ace Haxorus. I countered with Kerbero, but unfortunately Outrage didn't kill him. He Dragon Danced and one-shotted Kerbero with Earthquake. Now what could I do at that point against a Haxorus that was faster and stronger than any of my Pokémon? Haxorus was worn down, but could still kill most of my Pokémon in a single hit. I trusted my instincts and sent out Bones, because it was really my only chance of surviving a hit. Interestingly, Haxorus used X-Scissor instead of a Dragon move, which did like nothing (well not really, but not great damage either, considering he had +1 Attack under his belt). The best move I could use was Foul Play, taking advantage of Haxorus' high boosted Attack, which I did, killing him.

Her last Pokémon was Druddigon. I kept Bones and damaged him with Foul Play, but Druddigon countered with Rock Slide and killed her. The match, however, was already won. Sasaki, my first Pokémon, closed the circle with a well-aimed Ice Beam to defeat Druddigon and allow me to claim victory!

Next thing will probably be the postgame of Black 1, since my Pokémon are already strong enough to do the East Unova routes.

My conclusion after finishing both games of Unova once again? Unova rocks. Especially Black 2. GF did a superb job with these games, even though they created some ridiculously OP stuff (ahem Excadrill) that made the old Pokémon look silly. But really, it was probably the best effort in creating a regional Pokédex ever since their very first games, because the regional Pokédex of BW1 features ONLY Unova Pokémon, and I believe it's completely possible (although hard) to finish the game with even weak Pokémon like Watchog. Try that with Bibarel in Platinum and you'll get murdered. Not a fan of the Hoenn and Sinnoh regional dexes. Hoenn had mostly Hoenn Pokémon (duh) but I always end up with the same team somehow, and back in the GBA times some of the good Pokémon were still heavily dependant on TMs, which I don't use unless renewable. In Sinnoh the situation is arguably worse, although Platinum has a fairly good regional dex.

Believe it or not, the game only got better over the years, and the latest is always the best, even with power creep, Excadrill, rain teams and whatever OP crap GF lets loose. Flareon's still crap, but it's better now than it ever was in RBY. I don't want to go back to the dark days of RBY ever again if possible.

Nickname origins...

- Barbecue: Look at Emboar. He's a flaming pig. Screams of steamy pork.
- Cyanide: The lethal poison so called.
- Pietra: Italian name, means "rocky" or something like that.
- Mikhail: Mikhail Baryshnikov the ballet dancer. Swanna is based on a ballerina, and mine was male.
- Tesla: Nikola Tesla, of course.
- Daenerys: Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire, Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, Queen of the Andals and whatever else they call her.
- Sasaki: Sasaki Kojirou, the Assassin servant in Fate/Stay Night. He's a legendary Japanese warrior, wielder of the Fishing Pole or Monohoshizao, a larger than normal katana.
- Faraday: Michael Faraday.
- Kerbero: Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura
- Juliet: From Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.
- Achilles: The Greek hero. I thought "Heracles" was more fitting but too mainstream.
- Bones: The lead character from the TV show "Bones". It's also a play on the fact Mandibuzz is covered in the bones of her victims. Earlier name was Victoria which had no real meaning but I thought sounded nice.

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