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WARNING: There is crude humor and foul language in this LP.

[Insert banner about characters here]

Welcome to Pokemon Emerald - Homestuck Edition!

Basically, everyone, this is going to be an LP of Emerald in a Homestuck style of story-telling. Hopefully that means this will contain some plot, and I'll also be adding in some side stories and such with little/no screenshots at all, so be prepared for that as well. Otherwise, LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

This will be Nuzlocke format, just to spice it up for the plot. x__x


1. If a pokemon faints, it's dead.
2. You can only catch the first pokemon you see in an area.
3. Nickname all pokemon,

Part I:

>Pokemon Emerald - HOMESTUCK

>Begin Intro Sequence

You are in a dark room. A man stands before you, asking for your GENDER. As you have no idea what this is, you look in your pants to decide the answer to the question.


You are now a MALE. This strange man seems to want more than your gender. Now he looks like he is asking for your NAME. Although you can hear distant thoughts of mothers telling children not to talk to strangers, you go along with it anyway.


What?! This name would make any civilized chap such as yourself ache with nauseous pain. Its first name doesn't even fit! Now recite your actual name.


Thank god you got that one right. Now he's pulled out a SHRINK RAY. He seems to be pointing it straight at you. Before you can ask what the hell is going on, the MYSTERIOUS MAN asks you meet him at his TOTALLY NOT CREEPY LAB OF EXPERIMENTS after you wake up. This confuses you, as you refuse to believe this is a dream. Nevertheless, the SHRINK RAY begins charging, and a flash of light deems your eyesight useless.


Well this is unpleasant. From a dark room to the back of a smelly truck, you don't understand how you've found the very bottom of life's dignity while still being 15 years old. You can't help but notice the ODD BOXES in front of you. You resist the urge to open them.

>Open Box

The urge was too great. You greedily encase a nearby ODD BOX with your grubby hands and rip the box open loudly. Hopefully the driver of this SMELLY TRUCK won't notice your shenanigans. There may be some important item found inside here, and you don't want to ruin the moment.

>Take insides of Box

Inside the box, you found a BAG OF MARBLES. The colors were so bright and playful, you had to take them out.

>Fiddle with playthings.

You spent an unknown amount of time fiddling with your MARBLE PLAYTHINGS. Yup, you're at the very bottom of your dignity bowl, sir.

>Stop the Truck

Pondering how you could possibly do this yourself, you look around. There doesn't seem to be any -OH SHI-

>Grab something to hold on to

As the truck begins it's stop you roll over and a LOT OF BOXES fall onto your back. Figures. You could've used a healthy spine to begin your pokemon adventure.


You are now MOM. You are a... Wait. We haven't even introduced the main character yet. Why are we his mom right now? ... Right. Back to the actual plot. Fire that guy, please.


You are now RILEY, as you always have been. This confuses you, but you remain motionless on the ground. You have a great interest in POKEMON, especially becoming a POKEMON TRAINER to travel the world with your companions. Other than your odd liking of creatures, you enjoy MUSIC and HANGING WITH ODD FRIENDS. Things you don't enjoy include SMELLY TRUCKS and ADDICTING PLAYTHINGS. But currently you are in love with MARBLE PLAYTHINGS so that doesn't make any sense.

>Get out of truck



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