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Quote originally posted by jellicentfan1:
Username: jellicentfan1

Your Pokémon Team:I assume you mean a team of Normal Pokemon so here it is

Cloud @Damp Rock
-Rain Dance
-Ice Beam
-Weather Ball

Felix @Choice Band
-Drill Peck
-Drill Run

Seasons @Life Orb
-Swords Dance
-Horn Leech
-Jump Kick

Chatterz @Leftovers
-Nasty Plot
-Heat Wave

Woohoo @Life Orb
-Fake Out
-Sucker Punch
-Zen Headbutt

Big Bear @Toxic Orb
-Close Combat

Your Pokémon Partner: Cloud the Castform <3

Reason for joining:There are many reasons I joined this club. First of all, I want to start posting in this section more because I have always been a HUGE fan of Pokemon Clubs but I have never had the time or either I have just been lazy. But it is never too late to start so I shall now! Secondly, normal Pokemon have always been really really interesting to me because the selection of them is very broad and there are always so many to choose from in-game. Normal Pokemon are the most versatile Pokemon in the game because they can learn so many moves and play many different roles. There are also so many adorable little normal Pokemon such as Castform, Skitty, Pidgey, Meowth, Chatot, Happiny, Aipom, and so many more! I cannot find a normal Pokemon that I just do not like. The most important reason for me joining though is getting to have my little Castform as my partner. I just love him and he will always be my favorite Pokemon.

Answer the current topic!
Castform! If I haven't made it obvious, Castform is my favorite Pokemon of all time. It is not just my favorite normal type. He is so cute and versatile how could anyone hate him? I fell in love from the day I got mine in Ruby and I used him on my team from then until I completed the game.
Welcome jellicentfan1! I'm really excited to have you as a part of this club! Castform is an interesting little guy I will admit. He is hard to use from personal experience so you must be an awesome opponent to battle. I already added you to the member roster, if there's anything else I can do for you let me know! New information will be coming within the next few days so watch out for that .

Again, welcome to The Normal Maniacs!