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Oerba Dia Vanille


"Making fun of you? Hehe, I don't see why anyone would. Your a nice girl! We just met and I can bet we'll be good friends already. Nothing wrong with being nice after all. As for the way you dress, I think it looks nice! Not exactly good for the upcoming winter weather though but if that dosn't bug you then go for whatever you like! I wear a pretty plain outfit myself anyways. Haha. At least you stick out in the crowd!"

Vanille grinned as Mark said this. "That means a lot to me" she said happily. "I actually have pretty good tolerance to weather. Jackets help a lot, and so does the fur around my waist" she said looking at him before looking at Merida and Prince to make sure they were keeping up. Prince was bouncing along at her heels and Merida was calmly walking her tail moving from side to side.

"I like to stick out. After all if I want to be a top coordinator sticking out is a good thing." She said looking around with a smile. "So what do you hope to catch up here Mark?"


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