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I was having a random battle on the battle server today when I had Klank on my team. I thought it was the final evolution, but nope, it was the middle stage. What was the point of this family line? It gains more gears upon evolution... It could have stopped at one evolution. Its final evo is still very weak. I dunno, I just expect a little more versatility or utility when the Pokemon has two evolutions.

Same with the ice cream family, I can hardly spell their names and know their differences. They gain ice creams cones! What.... Kinda cool Pokemon, unimaginative family line with weak stats overall. Vanillish was a pain to raise. I wanted to like him, but I couldn't despite raising him to level 50. :c

Oh, Druddigon was the Pokemon of the day, but he is okay. Although he's an eyesore, he's never disappointed me as much as the Klink/Vanillish families.

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