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Originally Posted by Zero° View Post
Yeah, I'm not very good with effects anymore xD;
Thanks for the CnC though, I'll definitely keep that in mind. For the C4D, I always think of it as one behind the focal and one in front of it, which is why I didn't erase any of the wavy lines where you had suggested.

Uhhh, 2 new tags. I'm not too sure about these, just trying something new. I really wanna learn some different styles because I've been doing a lot of stuff like this and I'm getting bored with it. I mean I like it but I don't want it to the same format everytime I make a tag lol.

but as I said:

^this is the one I'm looking CnC for, mostly. Like I said I want to try a different style focusing on effects more, unlike my usual tags which are mostly depth and lighting. I like it but eh, there's no such thing as "perfect" in the world of graphic design. So yeah, CnC please?

Lovely gallery you have here~ These two pieces caught my eye at first; I love the abundance of colors in the first one. The right side looks fairly empty, and while I'd prefer that the splotches/dots be blended out, it would look... even more empty then. :'c The effects on the left look neat and should be carried over to the right side too, for me.
Second one is amazing and balanced, yay. I love the swirls! I quite like the font and text placement. The broken up effect in the text is pretty mesmerizing, too. Well done. :3

Originally Posted by Zero° View Post
Ehh, I'm just gonna stop using that style for now lol. (Late thanks for the CnC Dero) I'm going to revive this gallery again and start posting more tags. They'll probably vary a lot in style/quality because I'll be experimenting different kinds of styles, looks, etc. just to be more knowledgeable in these different styles.

2 versions because I couldn't decide on the lighting. I really enjoyed making this tag, it's the first tag I've made in a while so I was surprised it turned out well after a 3-4 month hiatus from Photoshop. CnC is most appreciated, and like I said, the next time will most likely be different from this one since I'll be doing different styles.

edit: just made another one similar in style to the one above, but I still like the first one over this one

For the first set, the second one's lightning is superb. Great effects and colors used. The empty corners really made this piece more intense too, for some wild reason, haha! It's overall very appealing to the eyes. :3
The render in the second sig was sort of lost in the effects. The render looks rather monotone, too. I do like the yellows you used in the banner and her eyes. The other stray colors/effects ought to go. There are some green bits that look out of place, so erase those.

Originally Posted by Zero° View Post
Aww I thought you were xD But thanks for the compliments though <3

Here's a new tag, also my first smudge attempt. I know the smudges are terrible but I have no tablet so that's all I could pull off with a laptop's touch pad. CnC?

I always find green to be difficult to work with, but that green is quite delicious. :O I haven't played around with smudging too much, but I don't see any notable flaws. The background works well with the mood the render gives off. Something could be happening in the foreground (dots/splatter brushes), though.

Keep it up! :D
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