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Oh thanks for the comments <3

I probably should've just cropped the first tag so there wouldn't be much empty space. I didn't want to add the same C4D on the right side because I thought it would've look too clustered but I'll try to remake the effect on another tag and see how it comes out.

Yeah the 2nd set, the render's colour was pretty monotone to begin with :< I guess I couldn't really fix it xD and I honestly didn't even notice those bits of green actually, thanks for pointing that out for me.

On the last tag I was originally going to use Purple/Green to match with the humanized Spiritomb but I couldn't pull off the purple for some reason so I chose yellow instead. Yeah, I feel that the foreground is pretty bland myself but I couldn't see what to do with it. I tried smudging the render itself to kind of "fade" with the background but I wasn't able to since I can't really control the flow of the smudging on a laptop touch pad. Once I get my new touch screen laptop I'll be able to make better smudges though.
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