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CHNPTN — 中村ほの — Urbus

Real Name: Hono Nakamura
Game Name: «火の鳥»
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Country: Kyoto, Japan
Status: Cheater

Appearance: Phoenix is about the average height of a sixteen year old Japanese girl, with a figure matching that of a girl who has recently ended puberty, though malnourished and notably frail. She has silky, soft black hair that hangs down past her shoulders when it isn't tied up in some way. Se has deep green eyes, thin eyebrows, and a somewhat small mouth, nose and ears, giving her a look of youth and innocence. Her eyes, however, can contradict that innocence when she is under certain emotions, like anger or depression. She tends to enjoy black and white clothing, and her favorite armor set matches this.

Personality: Phoenix can be sweet and calm, and she can be fiery and energetic, all depending on her mood, and the setting. She tends to act as a noble and honorable warrior, when she feels like it. Around friends, through, she tends to enjoy goofing off and being generally affectionate and kind. Despite her warrior-like attitude, she contradicts herself regularly by deceiving and tricking merchants and whatnot to get what she wants. She considers her greatest weapon to be her "Ōdachi No Honō", meaning "Flame's Katana" or "Katana of Fire". Her second greatest weapon, she considers her face. Also, she can swoon you out of your Col, don't ask how.

History: ??????????

  • Non-Combat
    -Sewing (Allows her to make average-looking clothes that have the same protection as most armors, with the ability to add stat boosts. Level up by creating new and unique clothing.)
  • Passive
    -Sprint (Increases speed and Agility, allowing her to run directly up walls, and dodge enemy attacks more easily. Level up by running up walls and dodging attacks.)
  • Combat
    -Battle Healing (Recover HP over time. Level up by hitting red zone with HP multiple times.)
  • Weapon
    -One-Handed Curved Blade Skill

Sword Arts:
  • Flame Slash - (3-hit Combo, Charge Type) Phoenix stands in a pose with her katana in her sheath. After three seconds of charging, she swipes her katana three times, the first at an upward angle as the blade unsheathes. Flames cover her blade until she swings it twice more. The three strikes send waves of flame at the target that inflict Burn status on contact while causing fire damage. (Three Uses per Battle, One Minute Cooldown)
  • Phoenix Talon - (30-hit Combo, Dash Type) Phoenix begins by running at her opponent. After one meter of running with her katana sheathed and her hand on the hilt, her entire body will begin to glow yellow. The attack is released when she jumps feet-first at her target; she kicks the target twenty-five times in the chest leaving "claw marks" (supposedly from her katana, which can't be seen during the attack) before leaping onto the target's shoulders. If successful, she will leap into the air, taking the target with her in her "talons". Once airborne, she slashes at the target four times in quick succession, before stabbing the target directly and riding him/her all the way to the ground. (One Use per Battle, One Hour Cooldown)
  • -

Level: 17

File Name: SAO_v1.2_PATP_001.EXE
Status: Artificial Intelligence
Service: Unknown

Appearance: Shiren is relatively small, like a young girl of around age twelve. She has bright, glowing blue eyes, with brilliant shining blue hair. She has soft colored skin, and soft navy & white clothing. Her entire figure seems to pixelate naturally, giving her a much more obvious appearance as an AI, if the glowing and ability to hover or alter the system weren't too incredibly obvious.

Personality: Shiren is rarely quiet. She is kind, loving, and surprisingly full of energy and emotion for a program. People will either fall in love with her or find her obnoxious, and in rare cases both. She is what you'd expect in a young girl, full of energy and innocence.

  • Console - Shiren can access the system console at certain areas in-game, or through Hono's console.
  • Reboot - Shiren can reboot her own programming, making her disappear and respawn once complete.
  • Fuse - Shiren can combine and separate her own file with/from Hono's.
  • ????? - Shiren has other abilities, that may be revealed later.

Code: リンクスタート

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