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My apologies for not updating eight days ago like I promised, but life got in the way.

Anyway, I'm finished with Blue and Crystal, and have started on Ruby.

My team for Blue:
Sherlock the Blastoise (lvl 55)
Surf, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump, Bubble Beam

Sam the Pidgeot (lvl 50)
Wing Attack, Sky Attack, Quick Attack, Fly

Lestrade the Sandslash (lvl 46)
Strenght, Earthquake, Slash, Cut

Sai the Kadabra (lvl 48)
Psybeam, Cunfusion, Psychic, Flash

Misha the Flareon (lvl 43)
Fire Blast, Bite, Quick Attack, Ember

Crowley the Magneton (lvl 49)
Swift, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave

My team in Crystal (Finished after beating Red)
Benedict the Meganium (Male, lvl 60) @Miracle Seed
Body Slam, Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder

Hiccup the Pidgeot (Male, lvl 53)
Wing Attack, Fly, Gust, Quick Attack

Jack the Haunter (Male, lvl 60)
Night Shade, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball

Gordon the Arcanine (Male, lvl 60)
Bite, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed

Jared the Shiny Gyarados (Male, lvl 60)
Waterfall, Bite, Twister, Surf

Frost the Sneasel (Male, lvl 55) @Nevermelting Ice
Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Slash, Faint Attack

I also used two HM slaves:
Wooper: Whirlpool, Surf, Flash
Sandshrew: Strenght, Cut, Rock Smash

Game: Ruby
Number of Badges: 3
Current Position: Route 144

William the Marshtomp @Soft Sand
Calm Male, lvl 30
Tackle, Bide, Mud Shot, Water Gun

Katie the Kirlia
Naive Female, lvl 28
Confusion, Calm Mind, Psychic, Flash

Adam the Slugma
Sassy Male, lvl 27
Magma Armor
Yawn, Smog, Ember, Rock Throw

Stella the Zangoose @King's Rock
Modest Female, lvl 19
Slash, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter

And one HM slave:
Zigzagoon: Cut, Rock Smash. I also make use of his Pickup ability.

I will now update a few times each week with a full activity log instead of just my current team.
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