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The touch screen in HGSS was sort of handy, but it also illustrated the shortcoming of touch screens. Yes - it was nice that you could navigate it easily by touch, but since everything had to have its own button, there are only six items listed per screen, which is a pain in the butt. More than I like the touch screen, I hate scrolling through multiple pages of screens trying to find the item I want. I'd much rather have a list, and if that means no touch functionality, that's fine.

DPPt's Poketch was pretty handy, but I only use a couple of the apps - mostly the dowsing machine, which is a bit more hassle than it needs to be.

The best app, IMO, is the fifth gen Dowsing Machine, since it's automatic. It's just a shame that there weren't any other good apps in the fifth gen - aside from the Dowsing Machine, the C-Gear is just generally useless clutter.
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