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Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
Well, at least it's not Nunavut province! Well, yeah, that's tougher. I would scout for anything that is in the 120 range online, in the described places, except for craiglist. I think I saw a 128 with few to no scratches, similar to mine on Cowboom, in the auction section. But you can always buy it now at the 128 unless you think you can nab it cheaper by bidding. Um...and if you're not opposed to a 3DS standard model, those go for in good condition 80-90 on the rare occasion, like Amazon. The shipping might not be an issue from the right buyer on Amazon, and Cowboom uses UPS, which seems like it would service areas of Canada.

Maybe EB games has some sort of deal. Online it states that a refurbished one is $170, which is way better than Gamestop's $190!! And your dollar is worth more than ours. You could save shipping costs and get a complete system and save $30 from retail price that way.

Well those are a couple options. Sorry if this doesn't help.
I tried Cowboom and it only ask for States and not Provinces for the adress.

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