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Racism is very widespread where I live. I'm an immigrant from Lebanon, and my people are dehumanised by the media. Lebanese men are portrayed as criminals and sexual predators of white women. Lebanese women are assumed to be victims of a patriarchal culture. Muslims (like me) get the most of it, but even Christian Lebanese aren't immune. My girlfriend is an Orthodox Christian and a third-generation Lebanese-Australian, and yet she's been bullied for it too. But that's nothing compared to how many times I've been called a "wog" and a "bogan". People like the Sydney gang rapists made the whole Lebanese immigrant community look bad. The problem is, we have bad leadership. Keysar Trad, one of our leaders, is a savage beast who doesn't seem to realise that he's not living in the Middle East. Supposedly he was normal until he visited Lebanon in his youth. Ironically, Lebanon is probably one of the least religious Arab countries (still, you'd be hard-pressed to find an atheist there).

It's a shame because Lebanese immigrants are well-liked in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Due to the sheer size of my extended family, I have relatives who have moved to the US, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina (the last of whom I only recently discovered). They are all Muslim, though most of the Lebanese in the Americas are Christian. (Jews who originate from Lebanon exist too, but I've never met any.)

Even now, I have very few friends of Anglo-Saxon heritage. But I am friends with many other nationalities. My best friend is an Italian, though he looks like a stereotypical Australian with long blond hair and blue eyes. My second best friend is Scottish on his dad's side and Italian, French, and Afrikaner on his mum's side (his maternal grandma moved here during apartheid). My first girlfriend was half Greek and half German. But still, few Anglo-Saxon people. I have met some wonderful ones, but many of the Anglo-Saxons I've met had contempt for me. I know one who proudly boasts being descended from convicts. Some of these people act like they still live in the UK.

Since there aren't as many black people as the US, the black people here (who are mostly from the Caribbean or Africa - just like the ones in the UK) don't get noticed much. Mediterranean people get it a lot, though. People are more accepting of Italians and Greeks because they've assimilated, but there's still racism against them. In Australia, blond hair and blue eyes are considered attractive - for women and for men. But Mediterranean people tend to have brown hair and brown eyes (though they can still be blond), and some people consider that ugly.

Asians get a lot of it too. A lot of people here complain about the Chinese coming to our country. I don't know if we have any model minority Asian stereotypes here - I haven't met any who are exceptionally successful.

There is also a lot of hatred for the Aborigines. The media loves to depict them as savages. People of all non-native nationalities (including mine) love to make fun of them. I think it's unfair to depict the original inhabitants of Australia in such a rude way.

Australia's class system reflects the racial divide. The upper class is mostly Anglo-Celtic people. The middle and working classes are extremely diverse. Most of our internationally known celebrities are Anglo-Celtic (though we do have exceptions, like Natalie Imbruglia and The Veronicas, both of Italian descent). Australia's historical policies towards immigration favoured people from the UK and Ireland. But it is getting better. We're seeing more ethnic people in the media, and more people are accepting multiculturalism.
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