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Tesla Arana

'It's so...cold and dark. Why is it so cold and dark? Why am I cold? Wait, what am I thinking? What? Woah woah, what is this? Why am I even thinking while closing my eyes? Just gotta open them!'

Her eyes opened immediately, but squinted from the sudden burst of light. Letting them stay like that as they adjust, she could hear others around her, breathing. When her eyesight returned to normal she gasped. She couldn't lift her arm to actually put it in front of her to see, making her look down and realize she was strapped to a chair of some sort. No matter how hard she tried, the straps just wouldn't come off.

"GET OFF!" she growled, squirming, struggling, and trying everything in her might to break free. It wasn't until she felt a bump on her right ear. For a moment she thought somebody hit her, and glanced around. This only caused her to let out a girly scream. There was a Charmeleon whose tail was still ignited, giving an eerier glow to the area around him. A tall Blaziken, odd colored Porygon-Z, Zoroark, and a very familiar Accelgor. However, there were steel walls despite the grass and few trees planted. "This isn't right, why is there a steel wall?! Especially when there's grass and trees! There should be an open blue sky and more grass and trees! LET ME GO!" she started to shout and spit out nonsense. "This is all wrong! Why are we strapped into these chairs and junk? Pfft I can't even use my claws...such perfect little things for cutting," she lowered her voice and started to talk to herself, but then started to struggle again.

Minutes had passed and she was still struggling to get out. Unfortunately she didn't have much energy left, and settled down. Looking straight ahead she noticed there was a window of some sort; a shadow behind it. "How come I didn't notice this before?" she mumbled, feeling quite dumb. She glanced around again and noticed, yet, another feature; they all had a cylinder hat over their heads. Horrified, she tried to look up. Just as she feared, she had that dumb hat over her as well. "Are you kidding me, a science experiment of some sort? Great. What else is wrong with this picture?"

"You're conscious! You're conscious!" a sudden, loud, metallic voice appeared out of nowhere. Tesla stopped and glared at the window. "Joy! You don't remember anything, do you? That's my doing, I'm sorry. A necessary precaution. Don't sweat, you'll restore your memories with your hard work. But first, let us introduce ourselves. I am the Scientist. Yes, the Scientist..."

The Weavile closed her eyes and tried to remember past events... but nothing came up. She tried over and over again to see if she could get something out of it. Surely that Accelgor looked familiar, but she doesn't know why. In reality, she doesn't even know who she even is. Just a Weavile, from the looks of it. While the voice kept speaking, she tried her best to try to remember anything she can. She must know something! By the time she had accepted it was no use, the voice was at it's last words. "...I'm sure... all of you are curious to know who you are, hm?"

Letting it all sink in, she felt rather... confused and weak. Surely she would love to know who she once was, and yes, the scientist was right... she had plenty of questions for him. Thing was, she should try to remain calm...but she couldn't. This was all wrong in so many levels. It looks too much like an experiment of some sort. 'I wonder if the others are fine.'

"Look here. I'm glad I won't die if I don't eat an apple, but how did I get here? I can't even breathe! These straps are suffocating me!" she blurted out the last part. "And can I at least know my name?! I don't want to tell others 'Oh I wish I knew my name' since of course it would only be awkward," she added.
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