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Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
Did you try losing to any other person on that route?
Few notes for beta testers. Items are being worked on at the moment. So you may see some items with usual or blank descriptions, or even incorrect. Me changing the items around will be an ongoing process that should be all finished by checkpoint 3. Also, Abra with teleport is screwed up. Teleport has its own "lastpokecentervisit" which I haven't learned of. Teleport is quite useless and uncommon since there's escape ropes and Dig, so that move will be omitted from the game.
No, I forgot sorry. But yes, it was useless to restart. If you were to repatch 1.0 and play/save then use 1.2 it should work. Atleast my save from 1.0 worked but not the 1.1
Looking to start beta testing Rom hacks again :D
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