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See these pokemon? There is no mercy on this team. I like to thing these things while attack animations are playing.

He punches people and takes no names. This was also when he only had Guts and the power to dodge attacks.

See that smug grin? He doesn't care about your weak attacks, he's just going to Surf you dead.

This Pidgeot is so awesome it growes gold feathers. It also lays golden eggs. Major cool points.

Look, it wants to hug! Oh god, when is lightning/ice/fire/acid coming out of its body I thought it wanted to hug.

Water. Phychic. Lightning. Ice. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Starmies didn't know all the elements and rule the world.

Take Blastoise and double the level of smugness when something tries to punch it. It Screeches for Machamp and sets off Earthquakes when its pissed. I love it.
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