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To tell the truth, it's more like "run from the bad guys" right now >__>
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More Dungeon Nonsense:


So, after jumping into the 2013 Get-Together and competing in a "Design-a-Game" competition, I felt like the idea I had was pretty plausible, and feels downright easy for me to do myself. And after some quick looking at GameMaker: Studio, I've decided to finally put my idea to the test.

Will Feature:
  • Mystery Dungeon-esque dungeons, completely generated on-the-fly!(done)
  • All Pokemon have different stats and attacks(stats done, needs more moves)
  • 4 player co-op, with a future minigame involving fighting each other(done)
Currently Features:
  • Randomized dungeons!
  • 4-Player Co-op!
  • Moves galore! 21 Moves are now in the game, ready to beat down the enemies!
Planning to have:
  • Story, right now I have a few ideas
So welcome to the World of Pokemon!
In this little game, you don't have to take a random test to be a random Pokemon! Just pop in the national dex of the one you want to be, and viola, you will get moves and stats that will pertain to your little guy.

So far, all I managed to get in was a sort of survival game, where you have to climb floors and just overall try to survive as far as you can! This is recomended to be played with at least 3 people, due to the fact you can support each other with buffs and watch each other's backs. I will eventually add scaling for the amount of people though.

Also, before you wonder why you may not be able to attack at random floors, is because all the Pokemon run off a type of randomized move list. This is how it goes down:
  1. Your first type will determine your Primary Attack. The first attack WILL ALWAYS be either a physical move, or a ranged move. This bit is randomly chosen at the beginning of every floor.
  2. Your second type determines your Secondary Attack. This attack will either be a ranged move, if your first move wasn't a ranged move, or a support move. If your Pokemon doesn't have a 2nd type, then your Secondary Attack will be the type of your first type.
  3. If for some reason you can't attack at all, that's because I haven't done either the Physical, Ranged, or the Support move of the type yet. When this is done, ALL Pokemon will ALWAYS have 2 moves to use!
  4. Let's put this in an example. "Butterfree" is a Bug/Flying type. So, his first attack will either be a Physical Bug Move(X-Scissor), or a Ranged Bug Move(Attack Order). Then, his second attack will either be a Ranged Bug Move if his first attack WASN'T it already, otherwise, it will be a Supportive Bug Move(String Shot).
Current Move List:

Ranged: Swift - This move will always home into the closest enemy. Great to use in rooms!

Physical: Vine Whip - Hits in a wide arc. Great to use in hallways or corners!
Ranged: Bullet Seed - Shoots one seed, then 2 more in different angles. Great for crowd-control!

Physical: Flame Charge - The User boosts forward on fire. Great for rushing!
Ranged: Flamethrower - Shoots a spinning ball of fire. Very basic, but quite adequate.
Support: Will-O-Wisp - Burns enemies, which cause them to run away frightened. They still cause tough damage though!

Ranged: Bubble Beam - Shoots a moving stream of bubbles. When it hits a wall, it expands to a huge bubble!
Support: Aqua Ring - Heals all party members by small amounts every second. This move has a larger cooldown!

Ranged: Electro-Ball - Shoots out a spinning orb of electricity. This move can bounce off of walls!

Ranged: Hurricane - This move creates a tornado that spins in circles. This move is meant to be spammed, but it can't be used in hallways!
Support: Tail Wind - Speeds up all party members by one point. This move is great to use at the beginning of the floor!

Support: Bulk-Up - Raises the base stat of your party members by 10 points. Great to use at the beginning of the floor!

Ranged: Attack Order - Summons 2 Pokemon of your kind to swarm with you. This move is great to spam at the beginning of the floor!

Ranged: Rock Throw - Throws a rock to a far distance. This move only hits enemies when it falls down, but has double the attack power!

Ranged: Earthquake - Hits enemies around the User. Hits through walls as well!

Support: Poison Gas - Coats the area in poison gas, which poison enemies that touch it. Spammable, and the User can move around as well!

Ranged: Psy Wave - Creates a pulse of energy around the User. Great for crowd-control!
Support: Heal Beam - Creates a wave of healing energy, refilling you and any party member it touches by 15HP!

Ranged: Icy Wind - A few flurries are sent forth, angling off every now and then. Best to use when your back is against a wall!

Ranged: Shadow Ball - Shoots an orb of evilness. Can go through walls!

Ranged: Dark Pulse - Creates a pulse of darkness around the User. Great for crowd-control!

Ranged: Dragon Breath - Shoots spinning balls of dragon fire. Once it hits a wall, it sticks for a while!

Support: Iron Defense - Raises the team's defense stat by 10 points. Great to use at the beginning of the floor!

**Fairy(No Pokemon have these moves yet)
Ranged: Fairy Wind - Creates little sparkle trails that hit all enemies it comes into contact with.


Town. The town will eventually get replaced with a completely original one.

In the dungeon. The move Aqua Ring is healing party members, while my brother decided to photobomb the pic with Earthquake :/
I should be able to Screen Shot a picture of the craploads of enemies that swarm you, but they end up killing me haha.

Instructions to play:

1. skip through the opening text when you boot up the game
2. use the mouse to set the pokemon for players 1-4, which uses the pokemon's national dex number. Any player slot left at 000 will not join the game.
3. Press backspace when you're all finished deciding. You should now be in town.
4. Find Breloom, which should be West, and press the CTRL key to talk to him.
5. Press OK, then just try to find the stairs! Every floor you advance has a chance to create ANOTHER spawner. Each spawner spawns Pokemon based on the number of floors your on.


Ctrl - Talk to Pokemon. They'll have a [...] on their heads when you can talk!
Enter - Go through text. Spamming Enter while talking will let you skip the text!
'0' Key (the one right after '9') - Zoom out. Only works in dungeons, and great to use if everyone's too bunched up.
'9' Key - Zoom in. Just in case you zoomed out to far!
Don't press 'Insert'. It was meant to take screen shots in-game, but it just crashes it!

Player 1:
Arrow Keys - Move around
End Key - Use Attack of your First type.
Pg Down Key - Use Attack of your Second Type. Otherwise, it'll be your first type.

Player 2:
WASD - Move around
'Z' Key - Use Attack of your First type.
'X' Key - Use Attack of your Second Type. Otherwise, it'll be your first type.

Player 3:
IJKL - Move around
'O' Key - Use Attack of your First type.
'P' Key - Use Attack of your Second Type. Otherwise, it'll be your first type.

Player 4:
TFGH - Move around
'V' Key - Use Attack of your First type.
'B' Key - Use Attack of your Second Type. Otherwise, it'll be your first type.

Current Bugs:

  1. When you are selecting a pokemon with 2 types, then switch to a pokemon with a single type, then the text will incorrectly say that the current pokemon will have the type of the previous one. This DOES NOT ACTUALLY GIVE YOU THAT TYPE
  2. The text displayed may be chopped in half. I have no idea why this happens, but doesn't really affect anything. It just looks weird and gets annoying...
  3. Very rarely,(this only happened once to me), will your pokemon LOSE hp from using Aqua Ring. I have no idea how to reproduce the steps though.

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