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It will take me a while to get used to the new names - I will probably be embarrassed to say a few of their names. It was the same way since 1st gen, and every generation after that where Pokemon got introduced I didn't like the names at first, after a while it was no problem.

Talonflame, Skrelp, Scatterbug, & Helioptile. I didn't really like their English names, in a way I wasn't expecting them that way. I wish it was much closer to its Japanese names.

[Not sure if off-topic, so I'll leave it in a spoiler tag - about my accent]
Typical, I'm going to struggle with the names. I'm a Spanish speaker (my accent is the Mexican Spanish, because of my family being from Mexico, and me from California) I already struggle enough with the English pronunciations. Read a few replies back some Pokemon are supposed to sound easier with the French accent - going to struggle with that as well. I find it easier with the Japanese names. I just wished that Latin American dub changed certain Pokemon names to make them easier for Spanish speakers, like the French, German, and Korean did.
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