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Quote originally posted by Flamebot:
Onyx doesn't evolve from level. Also is there ev points in this? I'm still re running to find any glitchs I missed. Seems like we got ALOT cleared. But I know I messed acouple invisable walls, and I need to re find them. So far, the only other minnor thing that I have found is the areas on pokedex are still kanto. I still got to wait till 8:00 to advanced then I can tell you if stair glitch and blackout glitch are still active.
Onix will be evolving through the use of a new stone called the Earth Stone. Any Pokemon that gains a Rock/Ground/Steel typing through evolution, will be using this stone to evolve. It is going to be a super ultra rare evolution stone that is found in the earth's deepest chambers...

As for the blackout glitch. I figured it out. This only crashes the game after visiting the Pokecenter in Aqualight, I screwed up the return blackout script for that center. So if you are preparing to blackout, visit the Route 54 Pokecenter's first. The Pokedex thing will take a while to overhaul, so that will be done in a much later beta.

Every Pokemon has EV points in this game when battling them. I am in the process of trying to make EV training easier in this game and less time consuming.
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