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Originally Posted by sgaj2099 View Post
Where can I download this at I want to play this please help
The download link is the first line under the bolded and underlined word "Download":

"Try out the hack and its assorted options right now!"

The website seems to like making the hyperlink text the same color as everything else, so I might change it to something a bit more obvious.

Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
I've been playing through this. Almost done. Currently prepping for the Round 2 Elite Four battle. Overall, big thumbs up. It feels very professional. The new events feel like they're supposed to be there or that they were always there. The location placement for Pokemon feels correct. The GB Player adds a terrific level of nostalgia. This is now my preferred version of playing this game - be it Gen I or Gen III. This hack is definitive.

With that said, I do have a few questions and suggestions.

1) Where is the map mentioned in the first post for Pokemon that evolve through trade? I haven't been able to locate it. To compensate... I cheated a bit and used a save editor and pretended to execute in-game trades where appropriate based on the Yellow and Japanese Blue versions. If that map isn't there, maybe you can add these trades into the game itself instead?
From Yellow: Ricky the Machoke/Machamp on Route 5
From Japanese Blue: Spectre the Haunter/Gengar in Cerulean City, and Terra the Graveler/Golem on Cinnabar Island
Still lacking an Alakazam though...
Oh's been so long I've forgotten about this. The final evolutions are currently catchable on a single map in the game (or evolvable through trade). From looking at their indicated areas in the Pokédex, these are where they are:

Alakazam - Cerulean Cave, the maze room
Machamp- Mt. Ember, the second room from the regular entrance
Golem - Cerulean Cave, via Rock Smash in the room with Mewtwo
Gengar - Pokémon Tower, the final floor
Politoed - Ruin Valley, via fishing with the Super Rod
Slowking - Outcast Island, via surfing
Steelix - Sevault Canyon
Scizor - Pattern Bush
Kingdra - Tanoby Ruins, via fishing with the Super Rod
Porygon2 - Ruin Valley

Note that the rarity of these Pokémon is high, so you'll need to search a bit. That, or just fast-forward in your emulator! Otherwise, they're still evolvable through trade.

I didn't want to break canon with the official Pokémon games, so they all still evolve the same way. I always intended to add a method that simulated the post-trading process into the game, but I'm pretty sure I don't have the know-how to do that right now.

2) A couple of times I encountered broken items. Once a ???? in my bag, and once in my PC. Also "?35" Antidotes in my PC. Not sure though if this was related to the hack itself, or more the save editing mentioned above to get those traded Pokemon.
Could you tell me when and where these occurrences happen? To be honest, I haven't "properly" tested the entire game for bugs like these (that would take weeks on end to do considering every possible thing you can do in the game).

What you're describing does sound like what happened one time when I used an Action Replay to edit my save game. I'm not saying it was your save editing, but...

Or not. If so, that's more on me for not including a locations list before.

3) Responding to the Mew and Celebi poll above... maybe Mew would fit in Celadon Mansion? If the events from other games can't be added.
I still intend to put Faraway Island into the game for Mew. Depending on how determined/creative I feel, I might resort to that Pokédex check in Celadon Mansion for Celebi. If not, I actually wanted to try something a bit more ambitious.

4) Probably too much effort to accomplish something so petty, but any chance of having the GB Player be in stereo for the Kanto music? It is for the Johto music, which is good. And Yellow had three different stereo modes that you could use for inspiration (my preferences is Stereo1)
I wasn't aware that Yellow had stereo sound! The entire time I was basing things off of Red and neglected to check that game's deeper features out. I'll take a look at the different stereo options in Yellow and see which is best overall.

EDIT: Upon checking myself, it seems that "Earphone1" is indeed the best of the three options. Good ears!

And no, adding stereo sound is certainly not petty! It's a huge leap from what's already there, so it's entirely welcome in the hack.

5) Is there an event for the other Hitmon you don't select that I haven't uncovered yet? Or do we just evolve a Tyrogue?
Evolve a Tyrogue. You can always try to control what it'll evolve into with EV training!

6) I encountered a Raikou on the map in Altering Cave. It just roared. The screen flashed black and then it was gone from the map. No battle. Is that correct?

Overall though, this was really well done and impressive.
Raikou, along with the other two legendary beasts, disappear to another location within the Sevii Isles. The locations are a bit obvious, so it shouldn't take too long to locate each one. Once you interact with them in the new area, you'll be able to battle them.

Who says hacks have to radically changes things up from their base games?
Click Red to check out a "definitive" version of his adventure in Kanto!
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