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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
This strikes me as incredibly odd, considering the amount of public, openly racist Americans there are on the internet (and those that crop up repeatedly in the news, normally hating on Obama with no rational reason).

If anything, the US seems (from the media, and the people I have experience) like the most racist place in the western world.
Feel free to link me to a source that says that racism (as I defined it) is a widespread problem in the US. I have yet to see evidence of widespread racism anywhere in the US. When was the last time you heard of a lynching, or of a local government saying non-whites can't vote?

I think the most blatant evidence of racism in the US is the high rates of black-on-white crime in inner cities. But even that I wouldn't say is "widespread;" it's, for the most part, confined to very specific areas.

Originally Posted by ChiliDawgs View Post
Haha WHAT?! I'm sorry but, this is just... it's really stupid to say that, putting it bluntly

It maybe where you live... or the lifestyle that you've lived but, here in the south racism is pretty damn bad.
In your own words, "I'm sorry but, this is just... it's really stupid to say that, putting it bluntly." Did you even read what I wrote? Specifically, reread the part about what I was taking the word "racism" to mean. If you can find reports of widespread violence or oppression against a particular racial group in the US other than the one I mentioned above (increased black-on-white crime rates in some inner-city areas), I'll take back what I said.

Some people in some parts of the south are prejudicial. They're suspicious of blacks and might behave differently around them. However, unless they're actively doing something harmful to them with no other reason, they're not really being racist. That's not to say there aren't actual racists in the US, but it is hardly a widespread problem. If you want actual racism (as in, people actively harming each other based purely on race), look to the Middle East and parts of Africa, where wholesale genocide based on race is a yearly phenomenon.
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