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Oerba Dia Vanille


"I'm actually looking for a Pansear. I heard you could catch them up here" Vanille said as she looked around at the same time that Mark did. She felt the air heating up around them and was glad that her choice of clothing was good for hot weather. As she kept looking around she smiled to herself. "This place sure does have a large variety of Pokemon doesn't it" she said before spotting something out of the corner of her eyes.

"Hey Mark. You said you were looking for Growlithe right? Because there's one right over there" She said pointing in the direction of a Growlithe who was watching the two of them.

Rosalyn Rebecca Smith


"There are a ton of water types you can find on the beach." Rosalyn smiled at Dex while they walked. "and you've got a good variety of Pokemon types. Water types are as easy to train as any other type. It all depends on how you train them. Jazz is really close to evolving to Blastoise only a few more levels. I'll have a good variety as well. Water types with Jazz and Melody as Water and Dragon. Normal and Flying with Belle and Steel and Flying with Silver. Poison with Swampy, Fire with Eris, and Dark with Shade once all my Pokemon are fully evolved"


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