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Originally Posted by Seattle View Post
Well, not necessarily. It just means everybody has talked about it already. When someone makes a new thread similar to it in... 4 months then everybody will respond again.
Not from what I've seen, and definitely not with 4 months. If a thread ends up getting no replies, it's usually because people either aren't interested in the topic, it drowns in a bunch of popular and super active thread, or if it requires a lot of thought. Remade topics usually do pretty well from what I've seen, because it's an easy +1 to the post count for people who've already answered it, and there's always gonna be someone who hadn't replied to the previous thread anyways :p

An idea could perhaps be for the moderators of the section to bump the thread at the request of whoever made the thread, since mods are able to bump threads without having to leave the bump post (even though most mods probably don't know about that :p) This would only work if the thread has received no replies though, and I rarely ever see that, so I think it'd be just a bit redundant.
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