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If you want to send a PM to the mod of the section or to an s-mod/admin and ask for special permission then you can do that too.

In general the way I see the revival rule is that it keeps things fresh for new people to come into the conversation. If you see a thread over a month old and have something to contribute to it, it's better if you remake the thread instead of bumping the old one. That way people who didn't have a chance to reply to it last time see it, they aren't overwhelmed by a huge thread that they need to read through in order to be "up to speed."
into this wild abyss
the womb of nature
and perhaps her grave
of neither sea nor shore nor air nor fire
but all these in their pregnant causes mixed confusedly
and which thus must ever fight
unless the almighty maker them ordain his dark materials to create more worlds
into this wild abyss the wary fiend stood on the brink of hell
and looked a while
pondering his voyage
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