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Kaizah the Breloom

Seed Bomb
Sky Uppercut
650 ✧
Oran Berry x 1

And thus, Kaizah’s short break ended with a Lucario fkying right on top of Kaizer. The impact sent his apple flying and the two pokemon tumbling across the floor. Dazed by the sudden assault, the breloom questioned what was going on, but before he could reach any real deduction, his thoughts
were interrupted by the words from the blue creature that just fell on him.

"Sorry about that".

The Lucario apologized, offering a hand to the breloom.

Kaizer then accepted the help from the pokemon, though still in utter confusion.


The breloom inadvertently avoided speaking to the Lucario to his face, instead looking to the floor to the side as he spoke. After a small pause, he continued speaking after looking directly at the Lucario.
“so, can you explain what just happened just now? I don’t think I need explain what’s going through my mind right now.”

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