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Hiro the Lucario

Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1

The breloom, who was actually an odd colour being orange where the species would normally have green areas, accepted Hiro's help being pulled to his feet by the lucario. It wasn't too quick to talk, but thankfully wasn't too mad
"So, can you explain what just happened just now? I don’t think I need explain what’s going through my mind right now.” Hiro nodded in agreement, the situation most certainly would need some explaining.
Man, I hope that nitwit Tobias didn't see that...
"One of those idiots over there -" he said gesturing briefly to the Rhydon and Ryhperior "- pulled some extravagant move and knocked me flying with it's tail."

Hiro rubbed his head where the clubbed tail of the larger rock and ground type had hit.
"Honestly they should have been paying more attention... sparring right at te front door with bodies there-" Hiro was interrupted by the shadows that now loomed over him. He turned from the breloom to see the Rhyhdon and Rhyperior he had mentioned earlier glaring down at him.
"You know bro" the smaller of the two said "I think I just heard this pipsqueak call us idiots"
"Yeah" the Rhyperior agreed "he pointed at us, must have meant us." Hiro couldn't believe his luck, it had not been a good day so far, but he was angry, and that meant he didn't really care about logic, so he responded pretty quickly.
"That you noticed? But you couldn't notice people coming through the door where you were screwing about? Either you have selective idiocy or you're just looking for a fight. Either way you're pretty sad." The pair continued to glare at Hiro
"Well now, he sure talks tough"
"But, he's so tiny"
"Shall we crush him?"

The pair of hulking pokemon lunged for Hiro clumsily, forcing the lucario to suppress a laugh as he ran straight up the arm of the rhyperior, jumped and then landed behind him, careful to stay away from the dangerous tail.
"That was just laughable."

Unfortunately the younger of the two aggressors didn't whirl around as Hiro thought they both would, the younger one continued to lunge going after the breloom.
Oh no...

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