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Quote originally posted by jsziede:
Yeah, if the trainer has been defeated, then the flag will be set. You don't need to check a variable, just do if 0x1 goto.
If you want to do a script with the actual trainerbattle in it, then this is what you want:
trainerbattle 0x3 0xYYY 0x0 @intro @defeat

Iirc, trainerbattle 0x3 allows execution after the battle, even if you lose.


Sorry bro, but this is completely wrong. Trainerflags are cleared when you win, and trainerbattle 0x3 doesn't require a pounter to continue the script, however the wcript will NOT continue if you lose. The only trainerbattle that will continue is 0x9. However that is the tutorial battle which has all sprts of messaged which pop up, though woth a alittle work, they can be removed.

Quote originally posted by Mauri:
So it should be like this:

checktrainerflag 0x<value>
compare LASTRESULT 0x0
if 0x1 goto @Win

Yes, that is correct, for checking if you won of course.


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