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Oak Town Streets

Chapter I, Part III
"The Missing Sibling"

Lv. 17


"Um, s-sure I'll... I'll help y-you out. I-I haven't seen h-her around... I j-just l-left the building w-with the r-red roof, b-b-but I'll help you, um, find h-her."

"You will??" Lifu's eyes shone brightly with hope. "Thanks sooooooo much!!" He smiled, though the worry shone in his eyes. His leafy tail had risen from its otherwise low-hanging position. "Hmm..." He looked around and sort of looked flustered. He turned to the Solosis with a puzzled look. "Well... I don't know where to look... Exactly..." He frowned. "C-could you help me...? I don't know where she would run to or go when this happens.."

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