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Just wanted to say major thanks for the update on Post Comments! Finally, my Post Comments can actually (rather than potentially) be attributed to me when I send them! Not to mention that people can toggle anonymity and whether the whole system is enabled, in general.

I got really confused at first (and subsequently thought I was encountering a glitch) because I wasn't seeing any "Post Comment" buttons on a lot of posts, but then I realized that people with the Post Comment system disabled in their own preferences wouldn't have the Post Comment button on their posts (if I'm understanding correctly @_@)... Since everyone has the system disabled by default, I would assume that most users' posts will lack the feature until said users find out about and enable the revamped Post Comment System. I imagine that it would get a bit frustrating if I want to leave a Post Comment on a post of a user who has the Post Comment system disabled, but I suppose it can't be helped.. :x

As for the "anonymity by default" thing, it would be nice if users could set their own preference as to whether they want the Post Comments they send out to be automatically anonymous or automatically non-anonymous. But I guess the current system isn't too bad, as long as I remember to un-check for the time being.. :o

Also, so are all Post Comments prior to the August 2013 "revamp" set as anonymous or are they dependent on the user's preferences (the preference of the user who sent the comment)? I checked my 'Latest Post Comments' received, and all of them state Anonymous as the sender, for now.

Finally, I think it would be helpful if there was a forum-wide announcement (maybe for a month or so, or up to around the release of Pokemon X and Y) to notify more people of the feature and the aforementioned revamp. I just happened to notice this change since the "Small Updates and Changes" was posted in recently enough that it was shown on PokeCommunity's front page... I think only the users who "know/keep up with the status of" the Post Comment system would be aware of the recent change, and it could easily be overlooked by other users (especially since the Post Comment system is now disabled by default, so you likely won't know that the system/revamp even exists/has been changed in the first place unless you comb through your User Preferences section).

I hope this makes sense! (I'm kind of getting a headache just trying to sort this thread out myself XD) Thanks again for the revamp!
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