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Hiro the Lucario

Aura Sphere | Dark Pulse | Psychic | Extreme Speed

Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1

Hiro breathed a sigh of relief as the oddly coloured breloom easily dodged the clumsy rhydon leaving Hiro to deal with his older brother. The rhyperior raised its stony arm and brought it down hard towards Hiro in a Hammer Arm. Hiro, who was rather enjoying himself (not that he'd admit it), leap once again and landed on the arm from where he springboarded to land behind his gigantic foe.
"You really should be more careful..." Hiro launched an Aura Sphere straight at the back of the rhyperior who howled with pain and rage as the ball of blue energy collided with his back. In response to this attack the older of the two brothers swung his tail hard at Hiro attempting to again have the heavy club at the end ram into Hiro's skull. Hiro dropped to his back as the rocky tail whipped over his head creating a whistling sound as the rhyperior turned to face his grounded opponent.
"Dodge me now" he said a malevolent grin on his craggy visage as laughing he brought his powerful arm up again and drove it downwards once again performing a hammer arm.
"I don't intend to" Hiro couldn't help laughing a little himself as a blue glow surrounded his opponent. Caught of guard by the Psychic attack the rhyperior howled in a rage as he was thrown onto his back.

As Hiro stood up he heard the younger brother shout out
“Big bro, I need your help! I can’t do this alone! You’ve got to be done with that Lucario by now!” Hiro responded before his downed opponent had a chance
"Sorry, your brother's a bit busy right now."

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