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• What was your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
- In Blue it was Skitty and Torchic.
- In EoT it was Bulbasaur and Eevee.
- In GtI it was Snivy and Tepig.

• Did you have a particular pokemon join your party?
- In EoT I had a Houndoom with me several times.
- In GtI I had Virizion travel with me, when Snivy couldn't join.

• Did you create a team on impulse?
- Yeah. Except for GtI, I wanted Snivy to be "me" all the time, and then Tepig portray as one of my irl friends. Since those were our favorite starters this generation.

• Did you just go along with you and your partner?
- Yup.

• After the main storyline, did you change your party around?
- As mentioned before, I had Virizion join me in GtI when Snivy couldn't.
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