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Challenge Complete
Pokémon Black 2

Final Team:

Ruby the Scizor

Sparky the Luxray

Daphne the Glaceon

Elesa the Emolga

Wicked the Chandelure

Fluffy the Snorlax

Random Pics:

Nickname Explanations:

Ruby - I originally got the name from the Anime RWBY, who's main character happens to be named Ruby. It fit well because well, Scizor is red...

Sparky - Luxray is an electric type, and somewhat dog-like. Sparky happens to be the name of my dog.

Daphne - This one comes from Harry Potter fanfiction. A lot of fanfics call a character named Daphne Greengrass the "Ice Queen" of Hogwarts. "Ice Queen", Glaceon is Ice Type (and female) so I thought it was a good choice for a name.

Elesa - This one should be fairly obvious. Elesa is the electric type gym leader in the game, and I was feeling uninspired, so I stole her name for my Emolga.

Wicked - Not only does it fit the Ghost typing of Chandelure, but it starts out as "Litwick", so the name fits well.

Fluffy - I thought it was ironic to give a huge pokémon like Snorlax a name that you would give to a fluffy bunny rabbit. Poor Snorlax.

I kind of gave up on Elesa (Emolga) towards the end in terms of training, but she was clutch in the battle against Marshall. My team overall was pretty weak to fighting types and she helped to fill that gap.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge. Maybe I'll even do it again in the future :) This was actually the first time I've ever completed Black 2 as well :P I got close before but lost my save file and didn't feel like restarting.

Ultimate Solo Challenge Progress

Yellow: 8/8 (Complete!)
SoulSilver: 11/16
A. Sapphire: 0/8
Platinum: 0/8
White: 0/8
Y: 0/8

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