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Aug 13th:
So after resting for so many days, I started playing my Black version again from where I left off. Started roaming the city with the first building. Man I really liked the rotation of camera inside the building. Well after finding nothing important , I went out and went inside the other building. Got to the PokeCenter , healed my team, got those Balls from the guy on the top. Went inside the Tennis stadium but there was a match going so I came out and went towards that Basketball court. Sadly , there was only one trainer at that time . Ah well went outside again, did the usual roaming stuff and after thinly deeply that there is nothing left important any where except the Rollar Coaster or whatever that thing was, I encountered N there as you all know. Man the cut scene was amazing... Ok after answering against N's ideas, I did the remaining stuff. Also the Pokemon Musical feature did not caught my eye as I think it's too childish for me. Ah well entered Elesa's gym. Loved the idea and rollar coaster ride there and battling trainers of course. When I reached Elesa, saved my game and battled her. To be Honest, I faced very tough challenge from her one Emonga. As I had no Rock type in my team, I had to teach both my Bagon as well as Metang Rock Tomb, but that was not also very fruitful. Also her Zebsrika was a real pain ( Had to risk my Dewott using Dig at it). So after I think about 30-35 save states as well 15-25 resets , I finally managed to beat her.. Well how happy I was after that.. Well got out healed and prepared to go East towards Lostlorn Forest. Beated all those trainers available there. Saw the Zoroark illusion and went back to Nimbasa city again and this time after fully preparing head west at Route 5. Battled trainers there, encountered Alder of course which reminded me of Ash and Trip meeting him on the very place in the anime. When Elesa called Clay to lift that bridge and the after wards scenario also made me want to praise the Franchise more and more... Ah well went to Drifveil city battled and doing the events there. Man that Biker at the side of the Bazaar was tough specially as I was doing Rotation battle with him. I had no idea of it and after reseting almost 6 save states I managed to understand the rotation abttle and defeated him. Clay was very rude of course saying I had to clean up Plasma Grunts first before battling him. Got south from the city and went inside Cold Storage again an awesome place.. Finished the Plasma events there and head out. Prepared to meet Mr. Clay but what is this he was a big coward handing over Plasma sage back to Ghetsis... Ah well head inside the gym, the layout was again amazing... Finally reached Clay and defeated him on first try thanks to my Dewott and Servine. But still he was I think a bit under leveled... Got the Quake Badge and headed out to prepare for furthur journey ahead. Current team after the Clay event :

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