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I was hoping to try some other games, but that's mnot gunna happen. So I'll try out yours and see what's up

So I tried it and it got really laggy right away

I liked the ridiculous music you chose, but halfway through playing I got bored with having little to actually do, but I went to the battle arena and tried the normal battle and got to the trainer and it froze - at first I thought it was loading but after 10 mins I decided to end it there

I found errors, in eevee village: the laptop in the PC is cut off by the edge of the table

also, for the doors and matts you shouldnt be able to walk on top of the doors, while you shouldnt be able to walk on the bottom of the mat when leaving

in the big city the roof to the fossil hunter misnt set properly, when you are under the roof you can see the top of your head, it should be set so priority 2, instead of 1

I was disappointed with the lack of actual gameplay and just got bored and it ended when I tried to battle and couldnt

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