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Kaizah the Breloom

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"Sorry, your brother's a bit busy right now."

The Rhydon almost began to tear as he saw his beloved brother forced to his back by this pathetic Lucario taunting on top of him. The pokemon used the last bit of his energy for a last ditched charge at the Lucario

“Big bro can never lose!”

Like a rhino, the pokemon charged headfirst, drill spinning on his head.

The Rhydon approach was quickly cut off by a sudden explosion in front of him.


“The fight’s over and you’ve lost.”

The Rhydon tried to spit something to counter the Breloom, but before he could even come up with something to say, the Breloom continued speaking.

“You guys are on your last breath. Me and my friend here have barely even warmed up. Even if you went through with your brave charge, that Lucario is faster than you and could have easily gotten out of the way, he could have probably stopped you before you even got near him with that psychic attack of his. Not to mention I’m free to do whatever I want. Like I said before, this was a dumb fight to pick. “

The Breloom plucked an orange bud from his tail.

“This here is a Seed Bomb. I just used one to stop your dumb little brother from running into his death. I’d imagine this thing here would hurt a lot if it were to hit either of you, given your typing and all. So before I decide to make that happen, I think it’d be wise if you two just gave up, apologize to the Lucario, and get out of here, just so we can all be done with this mess. So what do you say big bro?”

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