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Tesla Arana

Felix's accent caught her off-guard, causing her to change her ear positions and lean a bit closer to hear him. Despite the odd accent, she loved it. It somehow intrigued her, and sounded... alluring? She wasn't sure how to describe it. 'Ugh, the Blaziken has a much better voice than I do! I need to learn that accent some day!' she thought, her hands on her head. Unfortunately she payed too much attention on the accent and none at all at what he was actually saying. When she noticed Sir Raymond was making a beat, she copied it just for the fun of it. It didn't last a while though.

He turned around to stare at the screen. After the Dusknoir switched slides, he began speaking of his plan. "My plan is as follows," Raymond started, "I am going to enter the bank, escorted by my nurse. Natalia will also be following us, under the guise of my butler Winston. We will take the stairs up to go to the offices; I have scheduled a meeting with the president regarding my accounts." Tesla folded her arms and put one leg over the other. She felt rather important now, and placed a smirk on her face. However, her role was pretty important, causing her to gulp when he had said it. 'Soo.... I have to get everybody's behind out of the bank? To the street outside? AND to top it off, lie to Enforcers about what had happened inside? Pffft, I'll manage.' She glanced at Raymond.

"Promise I'll complete my role to perfection," she placed her hand over her heart, but it was said in a low enough tone that only the one beside her could hear.

"Now, there are many ways to make our exit. The choice I would personally make is, detonate the explosives on the street, right where all the Enforcers are gathered, and run away in the confusion. Chances are slim anyone would notice, but I welcome other suggestions." Tesla pondered long and hard, wondering if there was anything she could perfect. She thought it was rather silly to run away in confusion... then again she's done it before, and can easily fake it by thinking about horrors chasing after her. She used to do it when she was a child; why not again now?

That's when the Zoroark spoke up."Always speaks first, eh?" Tesla noted to herself. She let out her own ideas, making it seem as if she has it all under control. 'Of course you are a thief, you would think like that, wouldn't you?' Tesla thought. '...wonder how I would be if I were a thief.'

"I suggest we make our way away from the bank separately as to not get seen or caught together, and meet up at a designated safe house. The front door, after detonating the explosives is definitely the best bet for this. I can, of course, just take on the form of someone else and saunter out, but it shouldn't be an issue for the rest of you either-"

"As long as we do the mission we're good," she said under her breath, not caring how it's being done. It was low enough for nobody to hear. Then again she'd have less responsibility if they follow the Thief's plan. Besides, they still need to hear the other's opinions. Tweet's was the one she was waiting for hear.
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