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Ryuu Higoroshi & Divine
Chapter 3: 3C's Homeroom teacher
School grounds => Forest => Infirmary

Ryuu was worried about the boy's mental health, considering that he kept talking to that skull and pretended to be argueing with it. "Boy... what is your purpose on this school?" Ryuu asked the boy who hadn't given his name yet. Ryuu hadn't noticed that he and Divine were walking hand in hand and Divine tried her best to keep it unnoticed. Ryuu still hadn't fully calm down from what happened on the school grounds and his body temperature was still fairy hot.

They soon arrived the open field where the boy immediately walked towards a burned corpse, originating from Solo. Ryuu smelled a few other scents around here. One originating from Nami, the other one from Takumi, one from Frio, one from Yorick and one from Elise... but it smelled a little bit different than usual. Ryuu also noticed a very familair scent bur decided not to pay attention to it for now. The boy started mumbling about Solo not having a pulse or a heartbeat and was most likely killed by the students who fought him.

Ryuu seemed a bit angry and bend down next to Solo's corpse to check if the facts were true. Ryuu looked around and found a collar that was most likely cut in half judging from the damages. "Divine... do you know about this?" Ryuu handed the mermaid the collar. "This is the collar that the commandeer gave him before he was ordered to attack the school. This collar is given to newcomers when the commandeer is sure that they'll betray Fairytale." Divine answered his question with a sad look on her face. She walked towards Solo's body and checked out the wounds. "Those are indeed wounds that were caused by fire... but the collar doesn't seem to be having the same damages..." Divine started thinking for a little bit.

"None of the students who were here has to power to use fire, not even when they have full control of their powers." Ryuu said strictly while walking towards Divine and Solo's corpse. "Please tell me their powers." the mermaid replied as she stared at the collar. "Nami is a Vampire, her power is strenght and is great at using martial arts. Takumi is a human, he doesn't have any power unless Nami injected him with her blood which I'm trying to prevent." Ryuu gazed at the boy who brought them here and made sure that Takumi's part was whispered. "Frio is a snowman, his power is creating ice. Yorick is a Werewolf, his power is speed and as last but not least... Elise, who is..." Ryuu paused. He had no idea what Elise was. The template said that she was a human but she's giving a different scent the moment, one that is not human. "Elise is a Youko, her power is fire." Divine added as she stood up. She pointed to a body a bit away from them and Ryuu immediately saw that it was Elise.

"Elise wouldn't do something like that, she's fragile and always hiding behind Frio." Ryuu defended her but said it quietly so that she wouldn't them. "One of your students must've seen what has happened here, why not ask them?" Divine took his hand but Ryuu immediately pulled it back, offending her a little bit. "We're going back..." Ryuu picked up Solo's body and glanced at the boy. "Thank you for bringing us here, we'll thinking of something for his gravestone. For now he will be brought the infirmary." Ryuu started walking and was followed by the beautiful woman. "Elise? Will you please follow too?" Ryuu asked her before leaving the open field.

Once entering the school and nearing the doors of the infirmary, he noticed Yorick standing there while holding both Nami and Takumi. He decided to walk past them for now and brought Solo to one of the beds. "A-Ah sir! Welcome back! I see that you have an injured student for me...?" The nurse said but received a dead gaze from Divine. "He is dead, I want you to find out his dead cause." Ryuu ordered her without telling her that they already knew his dead cause. Ryuu wanted to know if the nurse would say the same thing as they did.

"Yorick." Ryuu walked towards the werewolf and watched the Vampire and the Human who were laying over his shoulders. "Are they okay?" He asked him. Ryuu noticed the familair scent that he smelled in the forest was also on Nami. There was no way that Solo could've damaged her like this because Vampires fared well against Lycans. Nami also had some burn wounds. "Reiza..." Ryuu mumbled towards Divine. "I-I see..." Divine mumbled back and felt sorry for the both of them.

"Yorick, are you okay?" Divine asked him. "I got your name from Higoroshi-sensei." Divine smiled at him. "I am Divine, a member of Fairytale... or a spy that spied on Fairytale." Divine admitted. "Don't lie, you were a member of Fairytale until I came to tell you the truth about Fairytale." Ryuu said strict again. "O-Or that..." Divine giggled.

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